When to visit

When to visit

Summer or spring is a great time to visit Europe - but there are pros and cons to visiting at any time of year.


March to May

Spring is one of the best times to visit as the climate is perfect for sightseeing and it’s just before peak tourist season. Mid-spring, April to May, often has sunny blue skies and you won’t usually get sunburnt.


Low: 4ºC High: 18ºC

Rain: Low rainfall


June to August

Summer is a great time to visit as it doesn’t get too hot. It’s also peak tourist season during these months so accommodation and other expenses can be higher and places busier..


Low: 12ºC High: 23ºC

Rain: Moderate rainfall


September to November

Rainfall is moderate in Autumn and the tourist season is quieter, making it an excellent time to visit. November begins to get colder so warm clothes are recommended.


Low: 5ºC High: 19ºC

Rain: Moderate rainfall


December to February

Winter can still be a great time to visit, with a relaxed off-peak atmosphere, although it can be cold. Warm clothes and wet weather gear are a must.


Low: 1ºC High: 6ºC

Rain: High rainfall