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Arras, France

Arras, France

Places of Interest near Arras

Arras is well known for its historic buildings, music festivals, and its role in the First World War. Explore the famous tunnels dug by New Zealanders, visit the memorials and check out ‘Les Boves’, chambers that were dug in the 10th century. Arras is an easy train ride from Paris, taking around 50 minutes, and nearby Lille and Ieper are pleasant to drive to.

6. Arras

Learn about the New Zealand Tunnelling Company and the famous underground tunnels. Visit the memorial, the fortress walls designed by Vauban, hear about the war in the air, and see the cost of the fighting at Faubourg d’Amiens Cemetery. many cemeteries.

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7. Somme 1916

Discover where the New Zealanders launched their first major attack - supported by tanks. Visit the Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, the outskirts of Flers where the battle continued, and the Warlencourt Cemetery where many of those who fought are buried.

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8. Somme 1918

Hear about the battles to hold off the advancing Germans, travel to where the New Zealanders pushed forward, fighting the Germans back, through Rossignol Wood, Bapaume and beyond.

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9. Road to Le Quesnoy

Follow the New Zealanders in the last weeks of the war as they advanced through Havrincourt and Crèvecœur - eventually taking the town of Le Quesnoy in a daring attack.

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Other places of interest near Arras

Places of Interest near Arras

  1. Musée des Abris - Somme 1916 Albert
    This museum focuses on life in the trenches and the Somme offensive in 1916.
    Address: Rue Anicet Godin 80300 Albert, France
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  2. Museum Jean and Denise Letaille
    A French military museum focussing on the Battle of Arras.
    Address: Rue d'Arras, 62128 Bullecourt, France
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  3. Vauban Citadel
    Built by Vauban in 1668-72, the Citadel is a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the heart of the Citadel is the Mur des Fusilles that commemorates 218 members of La Résistance shot there during the Second World War.
    Pedestrian access via the Boulevard du Général-de-Gaulle.
    Address: Citadelle d'Arras, 62000 Arras, France
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  4. Les Boves
    ‘The Cellars’ provide a look at the underground British quarters during the First World War.
    Address: Place des Héros, 62001 Arras, France
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  5. Thiepval Interpretation centre
    Featuring the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing, the visitor centre provides an overview of the First World War.
    Address: Rue de l'Ancre, 80300 Thiepval, France
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  6. Nemetacum
    Meaning ‘sacred grove’, Nemetacum is a rare Roman archeological site.
    Address: 77 Rue Baudimont, 62000 Arras, France
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  7. Vertigneul Churchyard, Romeries
    This small cemetery features the graves of 19 men who served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
    Address: Rue Notre Dame, Vertigneul, France
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  8. Memorial Park of Bullecourt
    The Australian Memorial Park Bullecourt features the statue known as ‘The Digger’.
    Address: 10 Rue des Australiens 62128 Bullecourt, France
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