Where to stay

Where to stay

You're likely to start at the vibrant metropolis of Istanbul. After that, you can choose your base. Quiet, friendly Eceabat? Or bustling, cultured Çanakkale?

When you arrive in Turkey


Pop 14,000,000

Turkey’s vibrant and historic capital city is where Europe meets Asia. Istanbul is one of the great cities of the world, and is the entry point for most international flights in Turkey.

5 hours drive to Gallipoli

When you go to the Gallipoli Peninsula


Pop 5,000

Small and relaxed, Eceabat lies on the waterfront and is the closest town to the main battle and memorial sites of the Gallipoli campaign.

5 hours drive to Istanbul

30 minutes drive to Gallipoli


Pop 86,500

Çanakkale is a lively city with more nightlife and places to go out than Eceabat. It’s a short ferry ride across from the Gallipoli peninsula, but make sure you plan ahead as the crossings are limited at certain times of the year.

5.5 hours drive to Istanbul (including ferry)

1 hour drive to Gallipoli (including ferry)